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People on Avicus That I Really Like [For One Reason or Another]:

Server Staff Members (i.e.: Mods) and Veteran/Pro Players I managed to kill at least once:

Strategies I use when playing on Nebula:

  • On numerous occasions where I played on Nebula, I've seen players build bridges to the other team's monument [or monuments] hundreds of blocks high, usually far outside the shooting range of any Bow, then use Water to safely descend to the monument and destroy it. In response to this, I developed a strategy some time ago (around early_to_mid-September 2013) designed to protect against such attacks: I build a roof over the monument. The way I do it (i.e.: On the Nebula map Ternio, as the accompanying images show), I construct a wall around the front and side of the monument, then make a "box" [for lack of a better term] directly above the monument, doing this with wood to take advantage of the fact that few people use any sort of Axe while playing. (I typically don't have time to build anything more than this, but it's still sufficient as a defensible position, for all intents and purposes.) I make the floor above the monument 2-3 blocks thick, and then I place Trapdoors for use as the roof. Using Trapdoors in this manner affords two distinct advantages—first, when I spot players trying to get down to the monument, I can open the Trapdoors and start shooting at them in response; and second, if and when the players on the bridge high above start to rain down a barrage of arrows on me, I can simply close the Trapdoors and protect myself from harm.
  • Most people I see play on this server build things using Wood—bridges, base defenses, structures around monuments, "spawn blocks" (the things people make when they're spawn-blocking), and so forth. I usually craft and utilize Iron Axes (or Diamond ones when possible), to take advantage of that fact. It also helps greatly when, say, someone from the other team is trying to get to my team's monument, and places wooden blocks to block my path; with an Axe, it would only take me a short moment to clear it out. Lately, my idea has been spreading, for I seem to find 1 or 2 more players than before who are using Axes.
  • Whenever I see an enemy player attempting to cross a 1 block-wide bridge without guardrails, usually spanning (crossing over) the Void, I try to shoot the player from an angle (i.e.: from their left) so I can knock him [or her] off the bridge, and in many cases into the Void. Up til now, I've been getting many of my kills with this tactic.
  • Back when Frostbite was still a Nebula map, I liked to get somewhere around 40-48 Diamond Blocks at the start of the match, and then go to the top of my team's spawn and make Diamond Gear (Armor, Swords, and Axes) for people on my team who needed it. In addition to my desire to share with others, I came up with this tactic to counteract or compensate for how many players back then would usually mine a bunch of Diamond Blocks, and then fall into the Void with it all, whether it was by accident, intentionally, or because of a team-spleefer. (Accompanying picture: <http://i.imgur.com/SdSOk9V.png>) A number of times that I played on Frostbite, my team won in part because of my strategy. In addition, a number of times where I used this strategy and still ended up losing, I'd usually find that someone (usually a team member) stolen a bunch of the Diamond gear and ended up falling into the Void with all of it. I once did see someone (whose name I don't remember) intentionally jump out of the world w/ a bunch of the Diamond gear that I had made.
  • Back when Valley of the Dead was still a Nebula map, I'd rush to the two Beacons near my team's spawn, take them, and then go to my team's Iron Block supply, make some pyramids out of them, and then place the Beacons, so as to afford my team an advantage near the base with such effects as Speed II, Regeneration, and Resistance.


Accomplishments I'm Proud Of (Section Incomplete):
  • One time on Frostbite (10/22/2013, Nebula Match 138187) back on MC-Zone, my team and I managed to prevent sfkwww from winning the match as fast as he normally would have, likely because of the warnings I gave to my team members about him being near, and the fact that he arrived about 10 or so minutes after the match started. (For some reason, he doesn't appear on the Team Listings, but I know he was on Red Team, the same one alexanderjoe10 was on for most of the match....) 
    • It is not my intention to boast or brag about my own skill with these stories of mine—I'm simply trying to give readers an impression of the amount of experience I have on Avicus.
  • My very first 2+ killstreak on this server happened on Candoria in Nexus, back around middle-to-late March 2013. (I believe I was on Blue Team, which was losing to Red team when I got on.) About seven people from Red team were attempting to charge across the bridge connecting the Red and Blue team islands, from their island to my team's; I managed to stop and kill all seven players by myself, thus earning me a 7 killstreak. It took me 1-2 months to get another killstreak of above 2.
  • Once (I think this happened somewhere around March-April 2013), I shot at a player on Candoria that was trying to dive into the lake at the bottom of the map. I somehow managed to time my shot just right, so that I hit the player as he was coming down, knocking him back to the shore right under his Team's island, and making him die of fall damage. So far, I've only managed to repeat this just once, but it was around 7-8 months later, on Senex in Nebula.
    • I know the second time that I did the thing above around the switch to Avicus. What I don't remember is exactly when I did it, whether it was one or two days before or after the switch.
  • One time, on MC-Zone's Rendezvous II in Nebula (10/24/13, Nebula Match 139322), I managed to win the map, in addition to being the only member on my team to have placed any and all of the colored Wool. This was especially noteworthy in that it was the very 1st time I got and placed any of the colored Wool—let alone win the match—and that I was never able to get any of the colored Wool for my team prior to this match. (Although if it weren't for the fact that I has frequently made use of Iron Axes, and was "suffering" from the infinite Speed II MC-Zone glitch the entire match, the outcome of the match likely would've turned out much differently than it did....)
  • My record for most kills after dying is currently 2
  • My highest killstreak to date is 35, acquired in Nebula Match 147171
    • Unfortunately, I don't remember the date of the match—all I remember is that it took place on Quintus, and that the match happened a couple/few weeks before the switch to Avicus.
  • My current record for most enemy spleef-kills (kills managed by spleefing an enemy player to his/her death) in a single Nebula match is 9, accomplished in a Nebula match on the Luar map on 12/7/13.

Stats On MC-Zone (As of 11/1/2013), Prior to Avicus' Release:

ID - 211986
Joined - March 10, 2013
Kills - 9634
Deaths - 4003
K/D - 2.407
PVP K/D - 2.586
Games - 801




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