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Hey! It's DiviXion here! I've started to play Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) now! I am currently inactive on Minecraft and most other games.

As you can see, my IGN is DiviXion. I've been playing Minecraft ever since 1.3.2 and I haven't exactly stopped since then. I started on a cracked account but being the 12vie I was, I got my whole country banned on that server. Then I moved over to Shotbow and enjoyed my time there since 2012. Not long after that, I met OCN and I played there. Along those 2, I found many more servers but not as engaging as those 2.
I ended up quitting OCN about a year ago and around mid-2014, I started playing League of Legends. Being an Australian, I played on the OCE server and enjoyed my time. From being a complete noob buying full items without buying the smaller ones first to playing extremely well by getting used to a whole ton of mechanics. Although, I quit Minecraft for the time-being, I took a 3 month break for the Summer of 2014-2015. I took some breaks in between but those are minor. I rarely ever spend a full hour on Minecraft now and I'm in my 2nd last year of high school so times are getting tougher.
When I came back to Minecraft (a small period of time though), I played on a server called Desteria. It's a fun faction server with a unique aspect to it but I have recently went inactive there and on every Minecraft server. Sadly, the hit detection there is garbage so I can't play there properly anyways. Not too long ago, I found myself playing Avicus again and here I am. I'm starting to play here more often but I'm not sure how long I will stay for. It could be a while or it could be a small amount of time. It doesn't matter how long I stay here for but I think it's how much fun I have here.
During my recent months of Minecraft, I do play some highly competitive PvP servers, such as Kohi and Badlion. I mostly stick to Badlion because I love their AU server and I feel more supportive of them rather than Kohi. My ELO is not that great on Badlion but I think I'm above average anyways. If you ever want to talk to me, just hit me up via Steam (as long as you're not a Level 0 or 1 or a Private Profile) or Inbox me here (if you can). Other than that, let's hope we can get to know each other :)
I also made a re-introduction so if you want to see it, just click anywhere on this sentence.
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