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It's been a long time since I've been salty towards the Avicus staff team, but DAMN they have no set idea what racism is and what isn't. And the ways they punish for it can't be anymore inconsistent  than it already is. 

From what I was told before it was suppose to be a verbal warn, then a kick. If they came back and continually did it, the user would be temp-banned. Do it after coming back form the temp-ban you get a nice permban. Now apparently, this changed without staff addressing it. I have seen a player recently get temp-banned for 14 days for saying the n-word ONCE. NO WARNINGS. NO KICK. Just straight up temp-ban for two weeks without any previous infractions.  Where's the consistency? Regular Avicus players get away with a verbal warn if they say things like "help me my *****", they stop and don't do it again. But if someone that is newish to the server does it they get punished without warnings. I understand they could just be another troll but you still need to treat every one the same... 

And another thing for racism directed towards cultures, countries and religions, MAKE SURE IT IS ACTUALLY RACISM. Don't just punish a player if YOU think it sounds wrong. Things can get taken in wrong way too often in today's society. I was recently punished for saying players weren't hacking because they were Spanish. That wasn't meant to sound racist or rude, but I understand it could be taken in the way after I had already said it. I apologized for it, appealed it, but the moderator denied it because of biased reasoning's. It's a /warn "oh big deal", in my books getting a punishment for something simple when another player goes unpunished or verbally warned in global chat or via /msg is completely unfair.  You either punish fairly at all times or quit being a staff member. 

Also, release the moderator guidelines so players can actually see what kinds of punishments you get for breaking certain rules.

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