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I should have a say in this since I am black lol. Right

First off, I will be honest. I used the term before, both directed and as a joke. I haven't been punished for it, despite staff being online. However, if I was to say it, I would probably be punished. 

Anyway, I agree with Atdit. 14 days just saying the n word? What? Do you want to drive players away like that? It depends of HOW it will be phrased. Let's say that some randy joins, connects to the DTM server and says it. I cant just be offended straight away, since idk if he is Black, Asian or White. But it should get a warn from a mod.  But if they said "kill all ngs". That is not racism to start with, thats discrimination. Immidiately, I will take offence, this this therefore deserves a kick at the lowest punishment. A warn imo gets them off lightly as they clearly intended to say it.

And for the above scenario, if no staff are on, then I will just report.

Regardless, I have been online before, with staff on, and yet a player is saying ngs but nothing happened. While I can report, I thought the staff would have handled it. Oh well

to recap: Shouldnt be ridiculously punishable unless used in a horrible way.

  Replied to MarcuzFire's post from January 10, 2017 at 12:09 AM
This, can't do anything but agree with your point(s) here.