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This one can be tricky at times, considering every situation is different and racism is a very serious topic.

If someone has said something that could be considered insulting then I personally would verbal warn them so that they know what they said shouldn't be said.

However, direct and intentional racism should result in anything from a kick to a temp ban depending on the severity.

The guidelines are just that, guidelines. They are not a ruleset.

A 14-day temp ban for unintentional racism (I.e joking with friends) is extremely harsh, which is why Moderators need to be alert 100% of the time when Moderating.

An infraction's purpose isn't solely to punish users, it's to teach them that what they are doing is wrong.

I believe that if communication is achieved and maintained by the staff member and community member prior to a ban or any punishment for that matter, we'll see a lot less hostility between the staff and community. 

Straight up punishing people without talking to them first doesn't always work. 
But talking to people about how they are breaking rules in any given situation (before deciding to give out infractions) will be beneficial for everyone involved.

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