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It depends if you mean it like a joke to a friend or someone befriened it should not be punished at all in my opinion , but a staff could give a warning but not any higher in my opinion aswell.

I really understand the staff team wants no-one to be discriminated, but 14 days is too much.

I'd rather say:
-for a guy which just says this as a joke to someone berfriended = Warning not any higher

-for a guy which really means it but eventually stops = a tempban of 12 h till 2 days depending what he says and how long he goes on

-If a guy will go on and wont stop i'd say =a tempban of 2 days till 1 week depending what he says and how long he goes on

  Replied to Lycorais's post from January 9, 2017 at 6:40 PM
Problem here is, as a staff member, it's sometimes hard to tell if someone is using it when saying it to a friend or not, and you still shouldn't use racial slurs, even if it's only for fun with friends.