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Congratulations to the new staff members!

So, I was tired of seeing billions of different threads for players' promotions so I asked for permission to create an official one, and it got accepted.

So the point is having this as a centralized thread for staff congratulating. I'll start it I guess:

Congratulations to those who have been promoted to Map Developer:
Those who have been promoted to Builder:
Those who have been promoted to Junior Moderator:Those who have been promoted to Moderator:
Those who have been promoted to Developer:

And those who have been promoted to Senior Moderator:
Also to those on Administrator;

Ping me on discord if this needs updating! - Acceqted & LFT

Bad to have a central post. Now the next batches of mods will have to shsrr the grats with older people who may or may not have gotten demoted.

Better to have a post for each batch of staff teams like it has been for the past year or so.

Congrats to both of you! Well deserved. :D

Congrats  OscarElNana and dilpickel

Congratulations guys! Best of luck ^-^

Congrats and good luck to both of ya! :)

Congrats you two! Who will be next...

Questionable choices but congrats.

Edit: @Mods if you don't enjoy opinions retire or stop editing my posts.

Congratulations, and welcome to the team! :} Good luck with your trial.

Congratulations you two! :D

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