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In my opinion, I really hope they get added back. When I first got on Avicus I remember the leveling/prestige system and I didn't play Avicus with it for long (about a week or 2, then I left for like a year) it was good and really does bring in some competition and something 'to work towards to'.

An i idea for if the devs dont want to keep adding them is for it work like points? Like you need to be consistently good to enter a specific league / badge and if you die you lose points and if you get mon or kills u gain points, and when you enter the next league you get a better badge?

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This sounds better than prestige!

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yeyeyeyye leagues instead :D

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January 9, 2017 at 7:39 PM 0 replies Reply
This would bring some player count back, unlike gamemodes.

I loved the prestige feature. I feel like when it was still used that their were more people on. I know it definitely made me play a lot more because I wanted to level up so I could prestige. I personally think it was a great feature and it should be added back.

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If Geor was here he'd be happy.

+1 for seasons idea

Add an extra leaderboard for it^

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this is a good idea, screw that seasons shit this ain't laglion

Just simple prestige system pls. You get 50 prestige levels then /prestige that's all.

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January 12, 2017 at 2:43 AM 1 replies Reply
I'm not so sure about the seasons. At least not every 3 months. It can take a while to get even just one Prestige. I feel like it would push people away if they almost got to one then it reset. Sure, for the people that play a lot, and are really good, they could Prestige fairly quick, but 3 months is maybe enough to Prestige twice. I wouldn't mind it like every year(?) Or just add more as time goes on. It can't be that hard to find a little symbol and put it in a line of code. Or even just make the Prestige a number, keep badges, Credits, the shop, and everything else. If it's a number then it could be infinite (I assume) and there's no reason to reset it.

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This is cool there could be a set color for prestiges and like have somethin like *# or similar rather just an icon

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u have just started a mineman revelation of competitive mineman pvp r u proud

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no because alm told me it'll never happen

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