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Racism Punishments

Ok. You get a 14 days ban for saying the n-word in public chat once and you get a warn/kick for saying things like "kill yourself".

I understand that racism isn't tolerated, but a 14 days ban for only one word, really? You won't even get warned or kicked (of course you should know that racism isn't allowed) but A FREAKING 14 DAYS BAN? That's an overkill. What do you think, if a black person sees the word n-word in chat, will he care? For the first time, probably not. If someone however would tell him to kill himself, will he care? Yes, and he will get much more offended.

Imagine a player who writes: "Do you have some gaps for me, my n****?" or idk, something like that, and a player who has a Hitler Skin and spams swastikas in chat and goes hardcore nazi. Both get a 14 days ban for racism? Seems very legit to me!

If it was after me, I'd first warn/verbally warn, 12h tempban, 7d tempban and finally perm ban a player which is verbally being racist and 14d tempban and then perm ban a player who goes hardcore racist and actually offends people directly.

The punishment guidelines for racism have to be updated and split into two categories or even more.

This is just my opinion on it and I don't mean to harm anyone with this post.

It depends if you mean it like a joke to a friend or someone befriened it should not be punished at all in my opinion , but a staff could give a warning but not any higher in my opinion aswell.

I really understand the staff team wants no-one to be discriminated, but 14 days is too much.

I'd rather say:
-for a guy which just says this as a joke to someone berfriended = Warning not any higher

-for a guy which really means it but eventually stops = a tempban of 12 h till 2 days depending what he says and how long he goes on

-If a guy will go on and wont stop i'd say =a tempban of 2 days till 1 week depending what he says and how long he goes on

  Replied to Lycorais's post from January 9, 2017 at 6:40 PM
Problem here is, as a staff member, it's sometimes hard to tell if someone is using it when saying it to a friend or not, and you still shouldn't use racial slurs, even if it's only for fun with friends.

Dis u just assume the examples gender in paragraph 2?

Even if it's a ''joke'' meant to a friend or so, it's hard for the staff members to know if it was a joke and if the players involved are friends. So i guess in these situations it can be hard sometimes to tell if it was a joke or not. 

And since racism isn't tolerated, the staff who punished this player wen't by the rules and then banned him, in this case a 2 week ban.
This is something that i'd love to see being discussed, how hard you should react to someone saying, for example: ''Ey thats ma nigga'' or something like that.

A non black person saying the n-word is not okay at all, and we do adapt to the situation, varying our punishment. Usually when people say that it's in offensive context, or if it's by itself its intended to troll. If someone's is saying "my n-word" then they're most likely not trying to offend anyone, and I'll tell them to keep chat appropriate, and ask the person they were talking to if they were offended. Like I said, we adapt, and realize that different uses call for different responses.

  Replied to Spartemex's post from January 9, 2017 at 8:12 PM
Did you read my entire post? What about the comparison?

  Replied to AtditC's post from January 9, 2017 at 8:17 PM
I think as long as moderators realize the situation and vary their responses, we'll be fine. I agree the two situations require different responses, and have different intents.

  Replied to Spartemex's post from January 9, 2017 at 8:12 PM
nobody who is staff on avicus has the ability to adapt

they all have the same programmed retarded punishment pattern (shoutout presidentbadger, kid is like 14 and doesn't have the ability to tell jokes apart :^) )

"A non black person saying the n-word is not okay at all" and u can tell this how?

"my nigga" should not be bannable or mutable period

This one can be tricky at times, considering every situation is different and racism is a very serious topic.

If someone has said something that could be considered insulting then I personally would verbal warn them so that they know what they said shouldn't be said.

However, direct and intentional racism should result in anything from a kick to a temp ban depending on the severity.

The guidelines are just that, guidelines. They are not a ruleset.

A 14-day temp ban for unintentional racism (I.e joking with friends) is extremely harsh, which is why Moderators need to be alert 100% of the time when Moderating.

An infraction's purpose isn't solely to punish users, it's to teach them that what they are doing is wrong.

I believe that if communication is achieved and maintained by the staff member and community member prior to a ban or any punishment for that matter, we'll see a lot less hostility between the staff and community. 

Straight up punishing people without talking to them first doesn't always work. 
But talking to people about how they are breaking rules in any given situation (before deciding to give out infractions) will be beneficial for everyone involved.

  Replied to Spartemex's post from January 9, 2017 at 8:12 PM
I got a 7 day ban for saying the "this guy the kinda n*gga to do this" and after going into ts was told it would get reduced. Long story short it didn't.

I could just be sharing my soft, tender, moist memes.

  Replied to DaGoldBrick's post from January 9, 2017 at 9:14 PM
got me

@OP I punish racism depending on the severity of the comment; I kick if it's a comment such as somebody calling another user a nigger, and give a tempban if it's worse. A bit of flawed system on my part, so I'll fix it from no way on, thanks. :)

It's been a long time since I've been salty towards the Avicus staff team, but DAMN they have no set idea what racism is and what isn't. And the ways they punish for it can't be anymore inconsistent  than it already is. 

From what I was told before it was suppose to be a verbal warn, then a kick. If they came back and continually did it, the user would be temp-banned. Do it after coming back form the temp-ban you get a nice permban. Now apparently, this changed without staff addressing it. I have seen a player recently get temp-banned for 14 days for saying the n-word ONCE. NO WARNINGS. NO KICK. Just straight up temp-ban for two weeks without any previous infractions.  Where's the consistency? Regular Avicus players get away with a verbal warn if they say things like "help me my *****", they stop and don't do it again. But if someone that is newish to the server does it they get punished without warnings. I understand they could just be another troll but you still need to treat every one the same... 

And another thing for racism directed towards cultures, countries and religions, MAKE SURE IT IS ACTUALLY RACISM. Don't just punish a player if YOU think it sounds wrong. Things can get taken in wrong way too often in today's society. I was recently punished for saying players weren't hacking because they were Spanish. That wasn't meant to sound racist or rude, but I understand it could be taken in the way after I had already said it. I apologized for it, appealed it, but the moderator denied it because of biased reasoning's. It's a /warn "oh big deal", in my books getting a punishment for something simple when another player goes unpunished or verbally warned in global chat or via /msg is completely unfair.  You either punish fairly at all times or quit being a staff member. 

Also, release the moderator guidelines so players can actually see what kinds of punishments you get for breaking certain rules.

Just to point out, Suicide Encouragement was a 14d ban originally, but was changed if you aren't awared. Personally, I saw people complained too much that it was strict, so it was changed to what it is now. I think racism and suicide encouragement should at least be at an equal serverity of a punishment and not different.

L_ve   Moderator   Retired   Diamond
January 9, 2017 at 11:26 PM 0 replies Reply
  Replied to Junr's post from January 9, 2017 at 11:16 PM
I agree with this. 
Also to all the other comments- There comes a point where even if words like "n****" are used in a non-racist way that it will become overused, and eventually create a bad environment on Avicus as a whole, and leave a bad impression on new players. For now, at least, this needs to stay punishable, in whatever way you say it. Not only for the growth of the server, but also just as an overall rule. As of right now, a few rules say "appropriate for all ages" such as the inappropriate name rule. If a name should be appropriate for all ages then so should chat. There's a very weird line between some rules like that, and it becomes a problem with punishments and with communication with community and staff. If one rule says something, then it should be a basic guideline for all rules, not just that one.

I would just like to revise my earlier comment to basically say I agree there should be more awareness of what should be punished and how. There's a difference between using the n-word as a term for one another, and targeting comments using that term. The former should be handled verbally if at all, and the latter punished severely.

B87bf176bc134915a43b9794573096ee?helm&size=16 DaGoldBrick The reason I say non-black people can''t say the n-word, is because they can't know the impact it can have. They don't know what it's like to be called that negatively, and therefore, they don't have the right or knowledge on how to use it without rudeness. You can't know the impact of your words unless you've experienced them. That's just the safe way to go in my opinion.

  Replied to Spartemex's post from January 10, 2017 at 12:00 AM
wait so black people can use the n-word but white people can't?
isn't that racism???

  Replied to profbananaslug's post from January 10, 2017 at 12:07 AM
It's not racism, and I'm just saying that as a guideline and my personal opinion.

I should have a say in this since I am black lol. Right

First off, I will be honest. I used the term before, both directed and as a joke. I haven't been punished for it, despite staff being online. However, if I was to say it, I would probably be punished. 

Anyway, I agree with Atdit. 14 days just saying the n word? What? Do you want to drive players away like that? It depends of HOW it will be phrased. Let's say that some randy joins, connects to the DTM server and says it. I cant just be offended straight away, since idk if he is Black, Asian or White. But it should get a warn from a mod.  But if they said "kill all ngs". That is not racism to start with, thats discrimination. Immidiately, I will take offence, this this therefore deserves a kick at the lowest punishment. A warn imo gets them off lightly as they clearly intended to say it.

And for the above scenario, if no staff are on, then I will just report.

Regardless, I have been online before, with staff on, and yet a player is saying ngs but nothing happened. While I can report, I thought the staff would have handled it. Oh well

to recap: Shouldnt be ridiculously punishable unless used in a horrible way.

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