We are shutting down on Jan. 25th
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The End

Hello everyone,

        It is with mixed feelings that I must inform everyone that Avicus will be shutting down on January 25th. On that date, our servers will no longer be accepting connections and the website will no longer allow new content to be posted or updated. Running this network has become increasingly expensive over time, and it is unfortunately no longer economical to continue with this wonderful endeavor which started back in 2011. Along with an increasingly diminishing and inconsistent playerbase, Austin and I have become increasingly busy with college and employment and Avicus is becoming more and more of a burden than a fun hobby. Money flow is at an all time low, and with the impending new year, we have decided that it is time for this chapter of our lives to close.
        We have been at the lowest possible server plan for a while now to support our internal infrastructure and downgrading is unfortunately not an option. There is no money to hire developers, pay for any form of advertising, or even to pay for simple server upkeep. We can’t expect anyone to want to develop for something with an overwhelmingly unstable future, or to want to make plans when there is nothing to aim for. We have weighed all the options, and it is with a heavy heart that the shutdown option has been chosen.
        Over the past six years, Avicus has evolved from a simple Hunger Games server to a Walls server, and then to a combination of the aforementioned games with one lobby. Over time, Nebula was added and became increasingly popular. Other games, such as Frenzy and SkyWars have come and gone, but Nebula has always remained. We would like to thank everyone who has ever worked as any member of staff over this time and especially would like to thank the administrators and developers who have poured in countless hours to make this server great. We ask that you use this last month to enjoy Avicus, and to not let all of their hard work go to waste just yet. After this server closes, we wish you all a great life and that you would go out and live it and not stay tethered to a video game. That is what the owners and admins are going to do, and we encourage you all to go out a live life to the fullest.

Thanks you all again for everything you have done to make this server and our lives great,
Austin and Keenan

Shutdown FAQ We will update this post as more questions arise.
  • Why is Avicus shutting down?
    • We decided it’s time to move on. The playerbase has been shrinking for over two years and we can no longer afford to keep Avicus online. A lack of players and money means we can no longer afford to develop Avicus or keep the servers online.
  • Why didn’t you sell Avicus to another network?
    • We will entertain any serious business inquiries that are sent to [email protected] during the process of shutting down.
    • Don't offer to run Avicus as your personal hobby, it's too expensive.
  • Why not accept donations to keep the server alive?
    • We were ran off of donations in the beginning, it wasn’t sustainable. We considered this but it wouldn’t be enough.
  • Will any purchases be refunded?
    • Unfortunately, no.
  • When will the Minecraft servers turn off?
    • The Minecraft servers will no longer accept connections on January 25th.
  • Will the code become open sourced?
    • We have not decided what to do with the source code. Once a decision is reached we will make an announcement.
  • Is there an event planned for the last day of Minecraft servers?
    • We are most likely going to plan a Throwback event sometime before shutting down the Minecraft servers. We’ll update you when these plans are made.
  • What if there is some miraculous growth over the next month and an influx of purchases?
    • This is unlikely. If it does happen, however, we may reconsider under extreme circumstances.
  • Can I get unbanned since the server is closing?
    • No, all bans stand as is.
  • What about the discord?
    • The discord no longer really serves a purpose. It will likely be removed sometime in February.

...I’ve made so many memories here, I wil miss you all <3

Shuts down on my birthday, shit...

Thank you all for the amazing ups and downs on this server. I can only hope you guys can move on from this.

A present to Avicus II (Day 24)

go fuck yourself

:( Its been fun. RIP

Thank you everyone for being a part of my life and getting to know each and one of you individually, I'll miss avicus :(

Lokigh   Moderator   Tournament Champion   Emerald
December 24, 2017 at 10:41 PM 0 replies Reply

Oh no the competitive scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lokigh   Moderator   Tournament Champion   Emerald
December 24, 2017 at 10:44 PM 1 replies Reply
Will the discord server be kept?

Thanks for a great 4 1/2 years everyone :)

Its been truly a honor to play on The Avicus Network.

Ripperoni, the ship is finally docking at the pier from its long journey.

This server brought me into Minecraft and tbh I don't know where I will go to next, I thank you all for the amazing times and it is really sad to see this server go.

Lokigh   Moderator   Tournament Champion   Emerald
December 24, 2017 at 10:50 PM 1 replies Reply
yo any rich arabs wanna buy avicus k thnx

best Christmas present ever

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