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Description: Our website, which handles our forums, teams, user profiles, statistics displays, and more. Also handles backend logic such as ranks.

SHA Author Description Date
0edb81e ALM Properly handle empty rank colors 17 days ago
f6d01c2 ALM Clean up category permissions 29 days ago
1da71e1 ALM Add ratings feedback to maps pages about 1 month ago
20138b8 ALM Fix error page asset paths about 1 month ago
f96694b ALM Update repos about 1 month ago
70a7758 ALM Registration announcements about 2 months ago
f429c14 keenanjt Avicus Network LLC about 2 months ago
259b09a ALM Fix legacy home link 2 months ago
bc6aea7 ALM Fix leaderboard status. Closes Avicus/Issues1160 2 months ago
f8a3cf5 ALM Add percentage of MAX to XP 2 months ago
fba249d ALM Fix stats header 2 months ago
7c3b31a ALM Better XP leaderboards 2 months ago
ed3a0a6 ALM Better error pages 2 months ago
597097a ALM Add Prestige Leaderboard Entry table, genre to transactions 2 months ago
52d89ac ALM Fix profiles using old level logic 2 months ago