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Description: Our website, which handles our forums, teams, user profiles, statistics displays, and more. Also handles backend logic such as ranks.

SHA Author Description Date
9cd1d33 ALM Add statistics to team page 2 days ago
4f28b12 ALM Re-enable recent posts 2 days ago
436eeea ALM Fix erratic member ordering 2 days ago
32a0eff ALM A few development page improvements 2 days ago
cb9f707 ALM Fix reservation task shutting down servers in use 3 days ago
1ad071c ALM Fully remove channels 3 days ago
371d654 ALM Re-implement server categories and fix some internal group/category logic 6 days ago
a11eabb ALM Remove All Time count period 9 days ago
aec3e85 ALM Fix schedules running in console, killing the web server 9 days ago
99e65b1 ALM Fix stats panel permissions, add back weekday 9 days ago
ffc416d ALM Add permission to view dev page links 9 days ago
de50b59 ALM Fix lobby balancer throwing exceptions, use different player count for reservations 15 days ago
286f6ff ALM Change redis channel, add lobby balancer 21 days ago
922753b ALM Prevent online servers from being started again 22 days ago
3d52e8e ALM Eager load schedules, fix return statement 22 days ago