We are shutting down on Jan. 25th
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Repository: avicus.net
Description: Our website, which handles our forums, teams, user profiles, statistics displays, and more. Also handles backend logic such as ranks.

SHA Author Description Date
70ade80 keenanjt Closing on the 25th 27 days ago
d06e007 smitdalt That was dumb about 1 month ago
7247fda smitdalt Gamer police. Do not demote me. about 1 month ago
02ff7a2 ALM Add shutdown notices 29 days ago
b2f933c smitdalt Gamer police. Do not demote me. about 1 month ago
a5f8e0b smitdalt Fix Officials not being able to view Registrations if they aren't in a team about 1 month ago
a10c818 smitdalt Fix users and teams being able to register after the registration period about 1 month ago
af7d1c0 smitdalt Fix errors. about 1 month ago
f333dad smitdalt Fix multiple ranks appearing on the forums about 1 month ago
da07e34 ALM Fix registration members display about 1 month ago
4422ced ALM Add christmas permission about 1 month ago
005e98a ALM Don't explode from twitch errors about 1 month ago
3702814 ALM Add Christmas pack about 2 months ago
c51b396 smitdalt Fix multiples of same rank showing up on profile about 2 months ago
7ed10ec ALM Improving giving API about 2 months ago