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Description: Our website, which handles our forums, teams, user profiles, statistics displays, and more. Also handles backend logic such as ranks.

SHA Author Description Date
c5e9f68 ALM Fix stats header about 4 hours ago
7c3b31a ALM Better XP leaderboards about 15 hours ago
ed3a0a6 ALM Better error pages 1 day ago
597097a ALM Add Prestige Leaderboard Entry table, genre to transactions 1 day ago
52d89ac ALM Fix profiles using old level logic 3 days ago
e6a26f8 ALM Remove coming soon label from experience nav 5 days ago
29cb25f ALM Add discord to forum nav 7 days ago
bf74a88 ALM Add some redirects 7 days ago
b8f1b05 ALM Improve the staff page 7 days ago
a565b48 ALM Only mark streams as live while streaming Mineman PVP 8 days ago
b75d45f ALM Handle console punishments in appeals, Closes #1154 8 days ago
a69ad11 ALM Lower schedule times 9 days ago
832f994 ALM Re-add PVP KD 9 days ago
d68af4f ALM A new leaderboard has appeared 12 days ago
49a38d5 ALM Add latest tweet to home page 12 days ago