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Description: Our website, which handles our forums, teams, user profiles, statistics displays, and more. Also handles backend logic such as ranks.

SHA Author Description Date
8eb5b2a SalvoRide Add chat to stream page about 4 hours ago
fa24cec SalvoRide Fix registration check 1 day ago
44733d4 SalvoRide Improve the live page a bit 5 days ago
fefdfb6 SalvoRide Hide this until fixed 8 days ago
705c8d8 SalvoRide Don't die when a map fails to parse 24 days ago
fc9190b SalvoRide Don't re-gen passwords when logging in after registration 24 days ago
d1f019a SalvoRide Keep servers online for 15 minutes 25 days ago
e5b15f8 SalvoRide Fix balancer ratio calculations 25 days ago
86cbc45 SalvoRide Add group balancer task and fix lobby balancer starting lobbies when it shouldn't 25 days ago
1f7f616 SalvoRide Fix deploy staus across development pages 27 days ago
4cf4c77 SalvoRide Update rules module 28 days ago
fd1a6ae SalvoRide Really fix users getting alerted for appeals/posts they can't view 28 days ago
d838bbd SalvoRide Fix punishments with no staff in stats view 30 days ago
958dcdc SalvoRide Handle appeals with no close action in stats 30 days ago
514946f SalvoRide Show a nav link if one of the streams is live about 1 month ago