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Description: Our website, which handles our forums, teams, user profiles, statistics displays, and more. Also handles backend logic such as ranks.

SHA Author Description Date
596b391 HeyIGotRhythm Add discord registration 5 days ago
da8d8cc HeyIGotRhythm Fly, unicorn, fly 7 days ago
1b96ed2 HeyIGotRhythm Fix punishment staff check throwing an error 7 days ago
3744f49 HeyIGotRhythm Fix bundler gemfile since capistrano is the worst thing in existence 7 days ago
330cbf0 HeyIGotRhythm Fix staff field query failing for users without correct punish permissions 7 days ago
ec40292 HeyIGotRhythm Fix unicorn using wrong bundler path 7 days ago
974748c HeyIGotRhythm Fix punishment redirect and issue permissions, close #1193 7 days ago
a2d114d HeyIGotRhythm Add discord punishments 7 days ago
f87a4bc HeyIGotRhythm Add achievement data tables 9 days ago
00446bd HeyIGotRhythm Update repos 12 days ago
4fd564f HeyIGotRhythm Fix deployment not actually restarting unicorn 16 days ago
fef14fa HeyIGotRhythm Implement friends options in admin panel 16 days ago
1671763 HeyIGotRhythm Fix de-escalation 17 days ago
98ebfba keenanjt No more 50% OFF shop label 17 days ago
2aa877b HeyIGotRhythm Add appeal de-escalation 17 days ago