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Streamer Gold Tournament Third Place
Core Data

Joined almost 4 years ago

Gender Male


Time Online 3 months

Server Joins 4,962

Credits 85,384


Team: Team Rocket

Role: Leader

Members: 27

19,029 kills

21,464 deaths

0.89 KD Ratio

0.99 PVP KD

397 Monuments

166 Wools

1 Wins

2 Controls

150 Hills

14 Leakables

23 Flags

Highest Prestige Level (Spring 2017) 2

Catch me on broadway in a couple years.


Race to Victory II 3rd Place

Teamspeak Registration


Cloth Grabber (50x)

Map Critic (5x)

Just a Touch! (100x)

Winner! (100x)

Match MVP (15x)

Void PVP (20x)

# Punished Staff Type Reason Date Expires Actions
681811 3feb57900603446c9bbfd5fb40759f41?helm&size=16 dev_revs 603003844adec7b6f8a6a8e09327731b?s=16&default=mm shadowolfyt Discord Warn Please do not abuse glitches August 22, 2017 at 5:39 AM
110596 3feb57900603446c9bbfd5fb40759f41?helm&size=16 dev_revs Da903852c066c77865e35da2cbbc22a2?s=16&default=mm JOHN_CENAAAAAAAA Warn Please do not false report! September 29, 2014 at 4:27 AM

Recent PVP Encounters

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JapaneseSquid killed 3 days ago

Duxthr killed 3 days ago

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