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Interests Sports, Robotics, Music, pretty much everything! :D

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Welcome to my profile :)

Hi! I'm a friendly moderator who was promoted on January 21st 2017 and who loves PlugDJ! My old profile is what follows: My name is Spartemex, I joined Avicus in 2013. Avicus is most likely my favorite server of all time, and I am very devoted to the community. I spend a lot of time on Avi's PlugDJ (there's a link for that) its a fun place to play your music, and I enjoy playing mine, and listening to others as well. I'm kinda obsessed with music. I have been a Junior Mod three times, and on the third I was promoted to moderator (Third time's the charm). This was after a 6 week and 1 hour trial as Junior Mod, then at 6:00 PM, Saturday, 6/20/15, I was promoted to mod! I am also currently a referee for the tournament, so you will see me at the tournament officiating matches. I have retired from referee, and I was demoted from mod on 1/3/16. I tried to get back, but their decision was final, and I will respect that. I'll still be around same as normal. I made my leaving post on 3/29/16. I basically had already left, I just wasn't on that much at all. This was fun. R.I.P. :( But now I'm back! I'm a friendly Moderator who loves PlugDJ! Hi all that's old, but it's cute so I'll keep it :) I retired as mod again

I am very approachable in-game, so if you see me, say hi! You will usually find me on Nebula, and if there is an Avicade match, I will be on there as well.
See ya around! :)

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