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a total of 21 days spent on Avicus

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5,603 kills

7,839 deaths

0.71 KD Ratio

0.81 PVP KD

Delacroid killed 2 days ago

killed Aggro_Box 2 days ago

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natural causes killed 25 days ago

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xAlexFifaYT killed 25 days ago

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EDJM9 killed about 1 month ago

natural causes killed about 1 month ago

natural causes killed about 1 month ago

Lokigh killed 3 months ago

killed potionized 3 months ago

killed Xyloto 4 months ago

killed Xyloto 4 months ago

natural causes killed 4 months ago

mepii killed 4 months ago

killed _Hyundai 4 months ago

potionized killed 4 months ago

Jaystre killed 4 months ago

BlewberryPie killed 4 months ago

killed Oscer_ 4 months ago

killed RainbowEzzieMC 4 months ago


or javi pee pee

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I started to learn Java on late 2012, until late 2013 where I considered myself already quite mastered at Java and decided to learn some C++, some time later I went for Front-End development(Webpages) and started with basic HTML and inline CSS, then I discovered the stylesheet form of css and some time later I started messing around with JavaScript and JQuery. I recommend everyone to start learning today, let your ideas grow when your creativity reaches its full potential

About me

I am Javi, a 14 year old spanish boy who loves programming and playing the piano. I am a dev, mod and ref here plus a ref at the Overcast Network. I also run some errands for people that want a custom plugin, just to help out and earn some (not a lot) money. I consider myself friendly (MENTAL NOTE: Do not insert another "i don't bite" thing in your profile) so if you see me in-game or on teamspeak feel free to say hi, I don't bite!(MENTAL ALERT: Fuck off javi). I'm that kind of odd guy who likes 1.8 and 1.9, weird eh? My english level is C1 for those sneaky ninjas who really want to know everything about me (I have never gone into an english academy regardless what my english may suggest. One day someone told me I had aa very british accent, and he wasn't drunk! (MENTAL NOTE: How are you so sure of that javi?)... Well actually I don't know. Hopefully you slightly giggled with this description, that's what I was looking for hehe. If you are still here have a poem pat2424 wrote.

Roses are blue
Violets are red
This makes no sense
Made by pat2424

Have a good day o/

# Punished Staff Type Reason Date Expires Actions
658342 F4650cbe1fb771bf10f79da4aa2d56f7?s=16&default=mm Javipepe F4650cbe1fb771bf10f79da4aa2d56f7?s=16&default=mm Javipepe Warn Test September 27, 2016 at 8:24 PM


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