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Moderator Referee
Core Data

Joined almost 4 years ago

Gender Male

Interests Piano, books, rubik's cubes, osu! and other games

Time Online 12 days

Server Joins 1,946

Credits 18,588

2,041 kills

4,216 deaths

0.48 KD Ratio

0.58 PVP KD

98 Monuments

112 Wools

1 Controls

7 Leakables

2 Flags

23 Hills

Highest Prestige Level (Summer 2017) 2

"I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul."
- Invictus

Referee - 21st February 2017

Translator - 25th February to 16th August 2017

Social Media - 8th June to 1st October 2017

Junior Moderator - 19th July to 26th August 2017

Moderator - 26th August 2017

I also play osu!, find my profile here.


Teamspeak Registration

Wool Capper (100x)

Map Critic (40x)

Match MVP (40x)

2000 Kills


Just a Touch! (200x)

Winner! (250x)

No punishments found.

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killed Mr_Boff 8 days ago

HypedToff killed 8 days ago

ElFireehLegit killed 8 days ago

Lesm246 killed 8 days ago

killed byRobo 8 days ago

killed byRobo 8 days ago

EncryptedShoesHD killed 11 days ago

Lettucai killed 11 days ago

saurrus killed 11 days ago

themagicfighter killed 11 days ago

themagicfighter killed 11 days ago

LaughingPlace killed 11 days ago

killed Chioshi 11 days ago

Dylsdabutter killed 11 days ago

YourFavPsycho killed 11 days ago

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