The Avicus Network


The Avicus Network was shut down on January 25th, 2018. After two years of stagnation and decreasing sales, we have been unable to maintain and grow the server. While it is sad to say goodbye to Avicus, we are proud of what has been accomplished, and these past seven years would not have been possible without the dedication, talent, generosity, and creativity of you, the Avicus community. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

News & Events

Occasional news and events related to Avicus or the Minecraft competitive community will be posted below.


For the foreseeable future, the Avicus discord server will be maintained.

Open Source

The Avicus website and any private plugins developed by our team and which were actively used by Avicus have been made open source under the MIT License. You can find these projects in the Avicus Github organization.

For assistance, you may find help on our Discord server in the channel, #code-support.


Documentation for Atlas map XML can be found here.