What is Avicus?

Avicus is a game server providing anyone with a free environment to play the video game, Minecraft, with anyone in the world. After you have purchased the game from their website, you will be able to play on our server by using the IP, avic.us, to connect.

What makes Avicus different?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of Minecraft servers that you can play on, though it is difficult to come across servers that are enjoyable and don't bore you after a few days. We provide something many Minecraft servers can only attempt to achieve - providing variety of games at a high standard of quality simultaneously. We will never settle on a game that hasn't fulfilled our expectations, and more importantly, the community's expectations. In addition to this, we run our servers on top of the line hardware and protection which allows for lag-free gaming and nearly a 100% uptime. Finally, another feature that distinguishes us from the others is our website integration that allows for players to track their PVP statistics and progress towards leveling-up.

How can I view my profile?

Simply visit the stats page, that is also accessible through the navigation bar on the top of every page. Now you can type in your username in the search bar near the upper right of the page. Your username should appear as you fill in your name, and once it does, just click submit to view your personal profile. Here you can view your current level, kills, deaths, and more.

What are the rules on Avicus?

For detailed rules that all players must follow, simply view the rules page. An alternative is to just read the last page in the book you receieve in the Avicus Network hub.

How can I help the server?

The biggest way of showing your appreciation for the server and contributing to further efforts to create an even better experience on Avicus is by purchasing from the shop. All payments to Avicus go to the developers that work hard to expand and enhance the server, as well as towards our server hosting company that strives to maintain a 100% uptime and a lag-free environment.

Can I apply for staff?

We open up the Staff Applications category on the forum when we are looking to accept more staff members. If it is open, you may post an application that follows the guidelines listed here. If your application is accepted, you move on to the next stage in the acceptance process. If you are up to the task, you should be able to make it through.

Where can I get more help?

The forum is a great place for players to collaborate, have discussions, and learn more about the server. Feel free to ask questions there, or send an email to support@avicus.net and we'll do our best to respond as quick as possible (6-48 hours).