• The Avicus Network

    A minecraft network providing you with the minigames you love and a community you'll love even more!

  • Explore & Discover

    A plethora of games and maps available on the Avicus Network for you to enjoy!

  • Battle & Compete

    Thousands of players join Avicus every day; we guarantee that you won't fight the same battle twice.

Key Features

  • Fun

    Join our community - a loving, fun and varied group of individuals from around the globe. Everyone is here to have fun!

  • Superior

    Thousands of new players are drawn to Avicus everyday, and more than 90% of these users will return to play on the server again. We provide a truly unique experience that stands out from other servers.

  • Competitive

    Avicus, in all it's history, has seen more than a million unique users. Play often and stay consistent, and you may be able to work your way to the top of the leaderboard.

  • Reliable

    Avicus relies on hardware from one of the largest server hosting companies in the world. We strive to maintain a 99% uptime and lag free gameplay for the smoothest user experience possible.

Latest news

  • May 25 2014

    Congratulations to...

    I'd like to congratulate the following users on their promotions during the Avicore upd...

  • Sep 7 2014

    Few Updates!

    Hey guys! Just thought it was due to give the community some general updates! Staff...

  • Sep 14 2014

    New Director of Staff

    Hello everyone,I am happy to announce that I was recently promoted to Director of Staff...

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  • You can join Avicus by opening up your Minecraft application and using the IP: avic.us to join the server.